Newest Sport: Drunk Driving

Ever since day one, before we could even talk, “Don’t ever drink and drive” was beaten into brains of children everywhere. In middle school and into high school, I thought everyone knew of the dangers of driving drunk. Now, I am not here to scare you with horror stories or bore you with hard facts. However, it’s time to inform you about the newest sport hitting colleges today. If you listen in class or at parties, you can always here someone bragging about how drunk they were last night and how they didn’t even remember driving home.

When did it become a pissing contest to see how drunk one can drive without pissing on themselves? College students brag about driving drunk and no one bats an eye at it anymore because it is so common. Everyone has their own ideas on how to get away with it. Take the back roads, use cruise control or drive with the windows down. Some of theses techniques are used by the real “pros”. Now I know college is a time when young adults are experiencing new things and have access to a lot more freedom, but that should not mean throw out everything you learned along the way. In this day and age, it is beaten into our heads so much so that drunk driving should not even be considered…

With today’s technology, there is always another way. Call someone, call a cab or walk. Cabs can be expensive and so can calling an Uber, or one of the many other apps out there. In some colleges, students are even coming up with ways to help each other out. For example Tip Whip, an app created by students, does not charge anything, they only ask for a tip in return. Its simple to use and slowly but surely killing the sport of drunk driving on campuses near you.



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