Fake IDs-Fake People

Lots of people in college have fake IDs. Fake IDs are more advanced and accessible then they have ever been before. The fact that anyone can simply buy scannable fake IDs online anytime they please, is a scary reality once you think about it. Fortunately for us, most college students just have getting drunk and having a good time in mind. Using a fake ID at a gas station is pretty simple, since the people working there frankly do not care or have not even been told to look out for them. Party stores, especially around colleges, are a little more difficult because they know a lot of people are using them. Bars are surprisingly not that hard, but if you walk in like a female dog with your tail between your legs, you’ll end up on the local bitch wall with your fake ID forever smiling down at you. However, if you are trying to get into a club, I would advise not trying at all. Bouncers are trained on what to look for and handle hundreds of IDs every night. They can spot fakes a mile away.

No matter how good your fake ID is, like with many things, confidence is key…

Using a fake ID is all about how you hold yourself. One must become the person they invented on the cheap piece of plastic they hold in their hands. For most college students, false confidence and a false identity is easy to accomplish, fore they do it everyday. Many of the people at college put on masks to hide who they really are. Just like when trying to sell their fake ID to a bouncer or worker, they try to sell their own fake identity to people. They walk with confidence even though they are breaking on the inside. For example, a girl who is skinny and lively, is really dying of hunger like the other girls around her. While the funny guy is hiding the truth behind the fake laughs. Smiles all around even though most are just waiting for the next thing to knock them down. Everyone has a fake identity they put on. All they need is confidence to sell who they want to be.






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